The 'Joyrider' is the lightest Powerchair that we sell, with an overall weight of just 21.1kg and the heaviest piece being just 13.5kg.

Dispite its weight the Joyrider is no light weight, with 2x motors delivering 200watts of power each and a range of upto 9 miles per charge this little chair is more than capable. 


The key features of this model are:

  • Super lightweight 
  • Up to 9 miles on a single charge
  • Simple to use controls with speed adjustment & automatic braking
  • Left or right control options
  • Attendent control options
  • Easily splits into 3 sections for transportation or storage should you wish
  • 18st maximum user weight
  • Antitip wheels as standard
  • Airline friendly
  • 2x Powerfull 200w brushless motors


FREE Demonstrations

We believe in making sure the powerchair you buy from us suits what you need it for, and that’s why we offer a free no pressure home demonstration of this model so that you can be sure that it’s the right model for you.

The Joyrider Lightweight Folding Powered Wheelchair

  • Warranty 12 months

    Colour: silver


    Net weight of


    Assembled 21.1kg :: Separated: Front section is 9kg, rear section is 13.9kg




    253lb / 115kg/18st



    19” x 17.5” / 49cm x 44cm
    Drive wheels 10” with solid tyre - Front wheels 7” PU tyre
    Driving Range Up to 9 miles/15km



    24V 10.5AH per battery

    2 x 200W brushless motors with

    electromagnetic braking



    Up to 4 mph/6.5 kph

    10° (depending on the weight of the

    user/climbing safe angle)

    Maximum turning radius

    Length Open: 33.7” / 85.5cm – Folded: 43.9” / 111.5cm
    Width Open: 26” / 66cm – Folded: 26” / 66cm
    Height Open: 35.8” / 91cm – Folded: 12.6” / 32cm
    Certification CE