This comes from the more versatile charger range, as it is an intelligent high-power charger with 'solid state technology', meaning it is silent-ideal if the whirring of your chargers keeping you up at night!

It is the type of charger that you will require for charging AGM or Gel batteries found on most mobility scooters and powerchairs.

Will ideally charge battery sizes from 25ah to 55ah-if you are unsure of your battery sizes, or which charger you require, give us a call!

My range of chargers have been carefully selected based on 3 things:

-Their charging capability’s- meaning optimum battery performance and maximum battery life expectancy.

-Reliability, over the years this 4amp charger has proved time and time again to be super reliable and efficient, to back this up it will come with 12 months warranty.

-Price, coming in at £59 it is slightly more than the fan cooled 5amp variation that we sell, but it is ideal if you need a silent, yet affective charger.

You will find that this 24-volt 4-amp intelligent battery charger ticks all of these boxes.


This charger goes through 3 stages of charge to maintain your batteries performance level-

Stage 1: This is the 'bulk charge', during this stage the charger will be putting in its maximum safe amount of current, until the batteries are 80-90% charged.

Stage 2: This is called the 'absorption charge', in this stage the charging voltage will remain constant, but the current will reduce due to an increase in internal resistance.

Stage 3: The 'Float Charge', often referred to as the 'trickle charge' this is the part of the charge that is most important to maintaining healthy batteries, as during this stage both the voltage and the current reduce, slowly topping up the batteries and maintaining them at their peak capacity.


If you require any further information regarding correct charging procedures give us a call, we would be happy to help.



If you are unsure as to what your fault is, we offer FREE in-house battery and charger testing!

As well as a on your door step repair service within 20 miles of Sheffield centre.


4 amp High Power Intelligent Battery Charger

  • Input Voltage: 240v AC

    Output Voltage: 24v DC

    Amps Output : 4 amps

    Cooling fan? No

    Size: 189x97x60mm

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