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Autochair have been designing, manufacturing and fitting market leading vehicle mobility aids and adaptations for more than 30 years, meaning that their products really are the very best in the business.

A boot hoist is the perfect addition to a car or van for someone with reduced mobility, whether that is due to a disability, health problem, age or other issues, who wants to keep their independence when venturing out of the house. 

Without needing to change your car, these hoists are easy to accommodate and allow you to take your mobility device with you wherever you go. These hoists fit perfectly in most cars, as long as the boot of your vehicle opens far enough for your scooter or wheelchair to fit through.

Smart Lifter: LM Range

40kg and 80kg Boot Hoists

If you’re looking for a hoist for your wheelchair or mini scooter, the Smart Lifter LM range would be perfect for you.

With a max lifting weight of either 40kg or 80kg, this lifter is perfect for smaller, lighter mobility vehicles and can help you get out and about quickly and easily.

With a fully automated lifting function, operated through the touch of a button, this lifter will eliminate the need to pick up your mobility devices to put it in the car.

Smart Lifter: LC Range

80kg and 100kg Boot Hoists

The Smart Lifter LC range is the medium size out of our three hoists, lifting up to 100kg of weight, with both 80kg and 100kg hoist options.

Due to that weight limit, this hoist is best suited to mini scooters or wheelchairs. 

This hoist is simple and easy to operate, lifting and loading your wheelchair or mini scooter in 60 seconds, and can easily be transferred to a new vehicle if you change car.

Smart Lifter: LP Range

125kg, 150kg and 200kg Boot Hoist

Capable of lifting all types of scooters or powerchairs, the Smart Lifter LP range is perfect for users who possess bigger or heavier devices.

With a range of three lifting capacities, 125kgs, 150kgs and 200kgs this is the world’s highest capacity vehicle hoist.

This lifter operates completely automatically at the touch of a button and will load your scooter or powerchair in 60 seconds, giving you a simple and easy way to get your vehicle into your car.

If you are unsure of the hoist you may require we can offer a free, no obligation home visit where we can demonstrate all of the different hoist options and adaptations to best suit your requirements
We also offer an innovative solution that can transfer the user from a wheelchair into a standard car seat at the touch of a button

If you have little or no mobility in your legs but want to continue to enjoy travelling in a regular car seat then a Smart Transfer could be the perfect solution for you. The smart transfer will lift you gently out of your wheelchair and lower you gently into either the driver or passenger seat.

  • Lifts people onto the standard car seat in virtually any make or model of vehicle

  • Simple to install, assemble and operate

  • No extra lifting required

  • Can lift up to 23.5 stone (149kgs)

  • Can be used in and around the home with the ‘Smartbase’, ask for details

The Smart Transfer is strong, lightweight and versatile, so it is ideal for varying levels and types of disability, it comes with different sling sizes and can lift up to 23-and-a-half stone. It can be fitted into almost any vehicle, whether it has three doors or five, and can be used in and around the home, on holiday or in the office.

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LC 0632 option
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LC with Purple Wheelchair Sequence 415
LM Range 31799
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LC with Luggie Folded Sequence 0372
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We don't just stop there, we are also able to assist you with almost any vehicle adaptation that may make life that little easier for you, including full hand control conversions, powered swiveling seats, ingenious roof storage boxes for accessible wheelchair storage along with dozens of of useful driving aid options. 

The V40 Vehicle Hoist

  • Ideal for lifting lightweight folding mobility scooters, power chairs, or wheelchairs into your car boot.

  • Folds away neatly when not in use

  • A fantastic helping hand without costing the earth!

Just £795 fitted!

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